Series Lifespan Two Big Easter Eggs In 'Service' Preview / 5 Actors Who Almost Played Negan / Andrew Lincoln Reveals Surprising Death Scene Revenge / 7 Facts About Negan / Negan's 5 Best Lines From The Cell. He commends his hard work as Laura sidles up to Spencer and offers to show him their compound if he plays his cards right. Negan then jokingly mocks that Spencer did have guts in him, showing no remorse whatsoever for murdering him. The Walking Dead S06E03 Still - H 2015 THR rates all the characters' odds of survival. Rick assigns Spencer alongside Rosita Espinosa and Holly to be on watch duty in town while the Survivors goes to lure the zombies out of the quarry and away from the safe-zone. Back in Alexandria after the Saviors leave, Rick calls out Spencer for hoarding supplies saying that he is small, weak and that he has got lucky. "I think I can be the leader he was.". He asks how she is able to live knowing that the world is like that, and she explains that her friends give her something worth dying for. This guy can't not be the boss.". Spencer helps Deanna into the truck to keep her safe. Spencer lassos a compound bow from the walker in the tree. THE WALKING DEAD has said goodbye to a number of major characters in the past few years but perhaps none more so heartbreaking than that of Carl Grimes. Spencer is on guard duty when Gabriel Stokes, a priest and a newcomer with the Survivors, approaches the gate to leave for a "stroll" beyond the walls. ... Is Spencer Going to Die? She chastises him and tells him to leave her alone before leaving with Eugene. Spencer falls to the ground, holding his intestines in his hands as the residents watch in horror. Afterward, Spencer digs a grave and mourns the loss of his entire family. Carol, Maggie, Rosita, Spencer, Morgan and other residents fight the Wolves. Spencer quickly runs down the tower to the truck in an attempt to stop the noise. Spencer reminds Bruce and the others that he killed the truck driver that was heading straight for Alexandria that was aiming to destroy the walls and that, without him, they would not be standing there. Carter tells Rick that he's taking the town back. However later she accepts his invitation to dinner. She also sends him away to check the gates after Rick informs the Alexandrians that walkers got in which shows that she trusts him. Negan considers Spencer's betrayal. Shocked at Spencer's words, Deanna walks away with Spencer looking on remorsefully. Death Episode After Deanna died, Spencer started heading out into the forest to find her reanimated corpse. Numerous counts of zombies The next day, Spencer witnesses a fight between Rick Grimes and Pete Anderson in the streets. Spencer unsheathes his knife as Michonne recognizes the walker: It's Deanna. When Rick arrives with a dead zombie and informs the townspeople that it got through the walls, Spencer is quickly dispatched by his mother to check the gates after the people are notified that someone left the gate open. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter. He reaches the truck and prepares to kill the Wolf member that has reanimated before Morgan Jones, who was sent by Rick back to the community, comes along and kills it., With Spencer's death, there are no surviving members of the, Spencer is the second member of his family to later become a, Spencer was originally planned to appear in the episode ", It is possible that Spencer has religious beliefs or theistic ideals as he confides in, Spencer is the fifth series regular to die while being credited under "Also Starring", the first being, Spencer is the third main character to be part of the, Spencer is the fourth main character to die in a mid-season finale, the first being. Out on the road, Spencer asks Gabriel if it is a sin to hate someone. She thanks him for taking out the Wolves’ truck and credits him with the fact the wall is still standing. Spencer is walking down the street and Rosita calls out to him, asking if he has a hot date. Spencer also asks how Rosita is able to live in the face of such despair. He served as an antagonist for the first half of Season 7. Rick is angry at Spencer's zip-line stunt to lure the walker away from Alexandria with Rick telling Spencer to come to him first before he does something like that again, Spencer however states that Rick probably wouldn't listen to him which shows some tension between the two. With Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira. Olivia tells the Alexandrians that they need to start rationing the food as they do not know when they will be able to leave for runs. 2 Shares Hair Right before she leaves, Rosita compliments Spencer on taking out the truck driver and saving Alexandria. He leads Spencer to believe he wants to talk about Rick's supply run but ultimately questions whether or not the last remaining member of the Monroe family has any guts. Spencer explains that he hid the guns for a while because he didn't trust Rick and he was worried about Rick being in charge. Negan feels disgusted that Spencer would wait until Rick is killed and tells him that Rick may hate him but he has guts and always puts everyone else before himself before stabbing and slicing Spencer's stomach open, pouring his guts out and killing him in seconds. Spencer explains that he takes walks after his shifts and starts to head off alone again. - September 5, 2017 11:51 pm EDT. "Hearts Still Beating" Rick threatens to break Spencer's jaw and knock his teeth out if he says anything like that again. Following Rick Grimes’ departure from The Walking Dead, showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed the character would star in three follow-up TV films which will go into production in 2019. Spencer asks her to dinner and Rosita agrees to join him. He witnesses the Wolves, a hostile group of survivors that runs through communities, killing their inhabitants and taking their supplies, swarming the town and killing several people. "Hearts Still Beating" (Alive and Zombified) Spencer later offers to make dinner for Rosita, but her distant replies lead Spencer to ask whether she is even interested in continuing their relationship. Bruce talks back to Spencer and reminds him to make sure to close the front gate. Negan recognizes that Spencer is trying to get Negan to kill Rick as Spencer lacks the guts to do so. There may not be zombies around like on The Walking Dead, ... but I am starting to have a sneaking suspicion that Spencer could die in the PLL finale. "To me it feels like we may be a little closer in nature to certain beats in the graphic novel than we have in the past, but that could just be my interpretation of it.". Look back on some of … Spencer's death in the comics was very much self-inflicted. Spencer is at the armory with Olivia, Tobin, and Francine listening to Carter's plan to overthrow Rick and his group. He is the son of Deanna and Reg and the brother of Aiden. Spencer informs Morgan of the attack on Alexandria from the Wolves. They leave Alexandria. Spencer asks Eugene if he would like to help until Negan arrives with a large group of Saviors and demands to be let in. While playing pool, Spencer tells Negan that Rick isn't fit to be the leader and that he should be killed. The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale aired tonight, and fans feared there might be a big death.Did the fears come to pass? As Spencer rests on the lookout, Rick reprimands him for his improvised attempt, with Spencer replying that he was only trying to help, revealing his plan to climb over the herd in order to reach a car to use to draw the walkers away. His death sparks her to attempt to assassinate Negan, which backfires with her shooting Lucille instead. He rules that he doesn't before using a knife to slice Spencer's stomach open, leaving his guts hanging from his stomach. It all makes sense. Former Lookout for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse) The Alexandrians consider Spencer's words and put back their excess food. The walls provided shelter for the weak, of which Spencer is the poster boy. Our exclusive has us worried its Spencer. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. He is the third main character to die, reanimate and die again in the same episode. However, Sasha turns him down and walks away. Rosita tells him that she's looking for guns on the assumption that Negan will confiscate all the guns in Alexandria and that they don't have to live this way. As comic fans know, it was only Glenn who met Lucille, Rick and Michonne who were initially introduced to the Kingdom, and Daryl has never existed in the books. Spencer tries to draw a walker out of the nearby brush and as the walker emerges, Michonne appears and kills it. Later that day Spencer is at the food pantry with Kent, Anna, Barbara, Bruce, and Olivia. "The Walking Dead" has never been shy about showing lots of gore and death, but some characters' demises hit harder than others. It would not be unreasonable to assume he didn't feel satisfied with the relationship they had at her time of death. Negan first meets Spencer at the front gate of Alexandria Safe-Zone to collect his first 'offering' to which Spencer questions who is he. In Twice As Far, it is shown that Rosita and Spencer have been sleeping together. "It was my father and he was doing a much better job of it. Rick asks Spencer if that's what he, Francine, Tobin, and Olivia all want, and Spencer says, "No, that's what he was talking about", which prompts Rick to disarm Carter and hold him at gunpoint. When Gabriel returns later that night, Spencer asks if he could sometime come over and discuss his brother's death, as he claims he has nobody else to talk to. Rosita confronts Spencer about the hidden guns and asks why he didn't mention them. November 9, 2015. Spencer hears a walker nearby and runs into the woods, where he finds a walker stuck in a hunter's tree stand. Deanna reprimands Spencer for his actions and he harshly criticizes her, stating that it was her fault that Aiden and Reg died, and for giving everyone a false sense of security. Literally. Morgan tells Spencer to stay on watch which he does. "I remember reading the comics and going, 'Oh, my god. Negan immediately shows displeasure, having made such a 'strong first impression'. Abraham Ford was the first character to die at the hands of Negan and his beloved baseball bat … Spencer walks to Rick's house and introduces himself to Negan. Rick angrily stabs him in the head. The Walking … He later witnesses Sasha snapping at a women when she is overwhelmed by everyone and the general atmosphere. The Walking Dead: How Spencer Dies In The Comics The Walking Dead: Scott Gimple on Past, Present, and Future of Movies, Fear, and World Beyond When Does The Walking Dead Return in 2021? After Carl leads her towards Spencer, he feels satisfied after putting her down. Online. Austin Nichols "The Walking Dead" has never been shy about showing lots of gore and death, but some characters' demises hit harder than others. In the car, there is a bounty of supplies and weapons. Spencer asks Rosita if this is what life outside the walls is like, to which she replies, "Pretty much." He plans to give them over to the Saviors and also plans to do "much more". However when Deanna discovers Spencer drunk with stolen food, she is shocked and upset. He helps Denise with tending to Carl's eye injury and later helps fight walkers to save Alexandria. He has not been seen interacting with his father extensively, but it is assumed that Spencer loved and respected his father and the two had a good relationship. In Now, during the Survivors' meeting, he intently stares at Rosita. "I sure hope he doesn't die, but everybody does eventually. However, the rope detaches from the hook, sending Spencer falling into the midst of the herd against the wall. While Alexandria tells Negan that Rick is out on a supply run, the menace chooses to post up on a vacant front porch where he is approached by Spencer Monroe. Michonne insists on going with him. Although Spencer and Aiden never interacted on screen, it is known that they had a good brother-to-brother relationship. Spencer appears when Rick and the others are leaving to take Maggie to the Hilltop. Age He explains that he found a note describing a list of caches. He grabs a bottle of liquor and heads outside. Disemboweled by Negan. Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Austin Nichols weighed in on his character earning such a death. She shakes her head as though she may have regrets.